Save Every Nation Today

Adopted by Tabernacle of Joy in the early 2000s, the acronym SENT represents our mission endeavours to bear the burden and responsibility that every soul hears the gospel message and comes to the saving faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

More often than not, to “Save Every Nation Today” starts with one soul. That one soul to witness to can be found in our “Jerusalem” – Singapore, our “Judea and Samaria” – neighbouring countries, or perhaps even in the “uttermost parts of the earth” where only online videos and internet-based materials can travel to. But to that one soul, it may be all it takes to start them on their journey of seeking truth.

SENT is a reminder to all of us that Jesus Christ called us to ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

A growing church begins with a growing individual. A disciple of Jesus Christ who disciples one person in a year and trains him to do likewise, multiplies the number of labourers and can lead us to effectively disciple the population of the world in just 32 years.

To be SENT is to become a disciple and in turn, make disciples as Jesus has commanded us in Matthew 28:19-20.

The question remains, how? How can we put into practice the principles that the 1stcentury church so single-mindedly upheld? How can the church of the 21stcentury not deviate from the God-given strategy of discipleship?

The stories and reports covered in the SENT blog are snapshots of how Tabernacle of Joy aims to put our strategy into practice. The stories are reminders of how working hand-in-hand with a God-given strategy can be an effective system, and how the response of a surrendered life can take you down the road of a purposeful life in God.

As you pour through the pages of this site, we encourage you to ask yourself these questions in response to the Great Commission:

  • Are we disciples making disciples?
  • Are we healthy disciples making healthy disciples?
  • Are we healthy – in diet, activities and environment – to be SENT?
  • Where do you start as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

We pray that this site will not only revive your faith to believe that God is able, but that God is calling you to be a disciple of Him and that disciple-making of all nations is possible today.