Angelita N. Lagasca (affectionately known as Angie) never expected that running away from her problems would lead her to her destiny. 18 years ago, she came to Singapore as a domestic helper with an unhappy past. Today she pastors a two year-old congregation in San Augustin (Isabella, Philippines), with her husband, Henson Lagasca. They have a regular attendance of 25 saints.

In 2000, Angie came to Singapore in an effort to run away from her failures. She worked for the first seven months without an off day. When Angie was finally able to take a day off, she found herself with no place to go. Thankfully, she had made a close friend here, Rizza Pondias, a fellow domestic helper who brought her to Filipino Joy Fellowship (FJF). Angie had no plans that day but God had a plan for her – she received the Holy Spirit and was baptised a month later.

In her early Christian walk, Angie had a desire to be used by God but not in pastoring – she had different plans. Her turning point came in 2006 when she went back to the Philippines to get married and witness to her then-fiancée. After returning to Singapore, Angie felt convicted about not placing her decision to get married under the umbrella of protection and authority of her leaders in church. She brought this matter to them and asked for their forgiveness. It was a lesson in accountability and responsibility. This renewed sense of integrity propelled her as she continued to grow and mature in Christ. As Angie continued to grow in FJF, she served in the visitor follow-up ministry, eventually becoming a visitor follow-up leader in her Zone. It was an opportunity for her to learn how to interact and relate with different people – skills that she continues to use now in her ministry today.

In 2008, Angie and her husband, Henson Lagasca, had another plan. Henson came to Singapore to look for a job but was unable to find one. During this time, Angie began receiving different visions from the Lord. One significant vision that kept coming back to her was of a spacecraft with many prisoners. They had no food and kept calling out to be set free. Outside the spacecraft, armed men in uniform were searching for more people to capture. Each time she had this vision she would feel the burden of the Lord and wake up crying and weeping. Pastor Dodjie and Sister Nancy Cargando confirmed that this was a call into ministry. Angie and Henson decided to act on this and returned to the Philippines to attend bible school and help out in Tabernacle of Joy (Tuao).

It was not their initial plan to return home but this time they had set it in their hearts to follow God’s plan.

At Tabernacle of Joy (Tuao), Angie continued her training as a minister of the Word of God. She went from town to town, conducting services in different barangays (kampong, village) and teaching Unlocking the Bible in schools. Now as a pastor in San Augustin following the plan of God, she sees Him moving in marvelous ways, calling men and women who have been hurt, broken and who have failed countless times. She witnessed how God had turned them into men and women after God’s own heart to be used in reaping the harvest in these last days.

If you have decided to follow God’s plan for your life, Angie has this to say to you, “Treasure the leadership the Lord places over you. If you have done wrong, don’t be afraid to admit it. Instead, be willing to be corrected because the Lord disciplines those whom He loves. Once or twice of failing does not mean that you are junk. God is the God of many chances. Learn to take responsibility and accountability for your actions. Surely the Lord will see you through.”