Two Filipino Pastoras

The billions cannot be reached by one person. The kingdom of God is not merely added to, but multiplied through the discipling of individuals who are sent out to do likewise. Thousands of Filipinos have flocked to the shores of Singapore to seek employment, of which many also seek the true purpose of life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has reached hundreds of these Filipino seekers through the Filipino Joy Fellowship at Tabernacle of Joy, and we have witnessed God call many of these men and women to return home to seek out others like themselves.

To date, Filipino Joy Fellowship has seen thousands of born-again Filipinos return to the Philippines, with many of them choosing to pursue the call of God in their lives – in cities and towns we may have never even heard about.

Watch the 1st part of our documentary series, covering the stories of Sis Angie and Sis Linda, two sisters who chose to give their hearts and hands to the people of their homeland who have yet known Jesus.