Sister Leah Lee said to Annie Quach: “Annie, there is a Vietnamese lady from Vietnam. She will be here in Singapore for 6 weeks, and I need you to teach her God Has A Plan for You.” Upon request by Sister Leah, Annie Quach answered the call to teach a bible study to Sister Hang, a fellow Vietnamese. “Oh yes, if you trust me, I will do my best.”

Annie’s decision to teach a bible study did not start off easy. She was filled with fear and doubt on whether she could teach effectively. However, with the strong support of her fellow sisters in prayer, she gained confidence, enabling her to deliver the Word of God clearly to Sister Hang. Eventually, after completing the bible study with Annie, Sister Hang believed and responded to the gospel message – she was baptised in the name of Jesus Christ and received the gift of the Holy Ghost before returning to Vietnam. This bible study was only the beginning of God’s greater work of using Annie Quach as a vessel in blessing the nation of Vietnam.

Sister Hang’s departure to Vietnam left a strong burden in Annie’s heart. Annie was deeply concerned with her well-being in Vietnam. “How well will she cope with her new life as a believer? Will she have a church to attend?” These were the questions that were constantly on Annie’s mind. Annie brought these concerns to God in prayer, following which she received a prompting from God to visit Sister Hang in Vietnam. Annie flew to Vietnam and stayed in Sister Hang’s house in Cần Thơ City, a 3-hour drive south from Hồ Chí Minh City.

Little did Annie know that Sister Hang would serve as a living testimony to the Vietnamese church. Prior to her conversion experience, Sister Hang was often approached by a local pastor, who regularly invited her for bible study and shared the gospel with her. However, despite numerous attempts by the local pastor, Sister Hang still would not believe. It was only until her visit to the church in Singapore, where she responded to the gospel message.

Sister Hang, in her excitement, shared her testimony and experience in Singapore to the Vietnamese church. She spoke highly about the church in Singapore. Because of this, the members of the church, including the pastor, were astounded and wanted to meet Annie to know more about Tabernacle of Joy (TJ). This pastor drove out to fetch Annie and Sister Hang to one of their church’s small group located in a distant village.

Annie expressed how difficult it was to reach the village, “We had to travel more than an hour. The village was so deep inside that we had to park the car and walk in with torches as there was no light at all.” The villagers, mostly farmers, did not have high-tech equipment. They had no chairs; people just sat on the cement floor. They carried thick bibles to study God’s word. After the bible study, the people sang in worship. As Annie recalled, “The worship was so powerful. The people had so much freedom to worship despite the poor conditions. Even though the village is so deep inside, there’s still people worshipping God and studying His word!”

Annie learnt that the pastor was going to be in Singapore the following month. Knowing about this, she invited him to visit TJ. On Pentecost Sunday in 2017, this pastor sat in a TJ service. He had been searching for ways to provide discipleship structure and training for his church back home. He saw what was available at TJ and said, “This is the concept that I want to bring back to my church”. Before he left, he extended an invitation for TJ to come to Cần Thơ City to share about discipleship and training. Just like that, a connection was formed. The unlikeliest was the most significant connection of all. From Annie’s bible study with Sister Hang in Singapore, to her unplanned meeting with the local pastor in a rural village in Vietnam, to an eventual connection between Cần Thơ and Singapore – God’s hand in establishing this network came at a perfect location and timing.

The following month, a delegation from TJ, together with Annie, flew to Vietnam to conduct a 4-day discipleship workshop. Those in attendance were church elders, forefathers and pioneers who planted the church. Though older in age, they humbly received with much eagerness from a group of strangers they just met. They opened up not only their church but also their home and families to the Singapore team. Without a doubt, a special relationship was forged. But the leaders had yet to receive a greater revelation from God – the apostolic doctrine. What was God’s next step for them?

In January 2018, TJ held an apostolic meeting where hungry saints gathered in prayer and fasting with the sole purpose of aligning with God’s calling. In a series of miraculous events, God provided a way for the Vietnamese delegation to come to Singapore during this time. God’s divine arrangement, to introduce the apostolic doctrine to the Vietnamese, was actualised.

In between morning and evening sessions, extra afternoon sessions were conducted specifically for the Vietnamese in the hopes of sharing the apostolic doctrine with them. The sessions emphasised on the importance of doctrine, the oneness of God and the new birth. Questions were raised with regards to the doctrine of oneness versus trinity. Not everyone agreed – some held on to their trinitarian beliefs and opted out of the following sessions, while others opened their hearts and minds to knowing more about the truth. Throughout the meetings and sessions, there was hunger and desire to seek for the truth. The senior pastor of the Vietnamese church was constantly searching the Word, going through every verse in detail. Before the morning meeting, he would prostrate on his face in prayer several hours before the meeting commenced. Annie would hear him pray at 5am in the morning, reading bible verses out loud in the kitchen, praying for the Holy Ghost to lead him into truth.

On the third day, Tabernacle of Joy filled up the baptism tank in faith – the Vietnamese delegates did not know about this. After the lesson on the new birth was taught, Pastor Timothy Lee asked if anyone wanted to be baptised in Jesus’ name. The senior pastor and his wife, the Vietnamese translator and his fiancée, and 3 other elders made the decision to be re-baptised in Jesus’ name. It was a joyous occasion for the kingdom of God! The 7 who were baptised saw the truth of God revealed in scripture. All of them had been brought up in a highly influential, trinitarian-believing church for a significant portion of their lives. However, they could not deny the truth about what the Bible writes about God and salvation. The senior pastor recalled that years ago in bible college, he had always believed that God is one, and not a trinity, but his views were rejected.

Despite facing enormous persecution by other churches back in Vietnam, the senior pastor continues to hold on to the truth. He remains optimistic and continues sharing the apostolic doctrine with others. TJ has sent translated Unlocking the Bible materials to the church in Vietnam, in the hopes that this truth will reach other parts of the country.

This incredible work of God began when Annie willingly answered the call to teach a bible study, which she described as “simple and humble”. She mentioned how God sees our heart through these simplest of actions. No matter how small and seemingly insignificant these acts may be, God is able to transform these small actions into amazing works for other nations, as long as we are willing to make ourselves available to God.

Annie has this to say, “When our heart is right with God, the passion and righteousness of God will pour into us. He will then lead us into the ministry that He wants to mould us in.”

In these last days, God is using people who are faithful in the little things, to accomplish His great work.

Will you be one of them?